“Power level 200 you are weak Celeron” this Sayian said to me as he checked my battle power with a scouter. The machine that covered his left eye finished blinking and beeping as it died down he looked at me with mocking eyes. “You expect to be a Sayian warrior with that pitiful power? You disgust me” get out of my sight you can clean the hanger.

That Potak what an asshole he happened to be born into a noble family and had a power level of over 1500 but I will become stronger just you wait.

That was 6 months ago.

Now I am in a mercenary unit I have left Vegeta until I get stronger and I will show them all Potak, my father everybody until then I have a new family my comrades in arms.

The fire is burning red hot as the smell of the local wildlife is burning on the fire and invading my nostrils.

“Thinkin about the past Celeron” Argus asked me.

I looked up at Argus he was a Kalanian, A Kalanian was a alien race from Kalania they were in a struggle with the Borthians so he decided to leave his planet and become a mercenary my closest friend and ally.

“Yeah Argus I am” I replied

Argus picks up two sticks with the wildlife on and throws one to me

“It should be cooked about now, “ he said

I took a bite it wasn’t bad Argus scoffed his down fast I gave him half of mine I wasn’t hungry.

“It doesn’t pay to fight on a empty stomach” Argus said to me, I just smiled back

Kalanians put food and eating after fighting, I’ve heard they can be a ferocious as Sayians when it comes to fighting

The other people in my group is Kalian a female Borthian she joined for the same reason as Argus so they have put their differences behind them. What interests me is she has a tail like me, but it is a tail like a cat and gives her the power to transform into a cat.

And there is our leader Shubu he is also a Sayian like me why he left is unknown to me but he is the closest thing to a father I have.

“Celeron you need to put your past behind you and move on revenge will destroy you in the end” Shubu said

“Yeah I said” and just looked at the stars

The next day we moved towards our objective a small village on the planet of Cartonia we were to take out a rogue Cartonian by the name of Kodo, he was head of a noble family and had a private army. This threatened the present system and so we are paid to take him out.

What could I tell you about Cartonia it was a small desert planet with small villages and towns. But the population had a way of making money, lots of it they had a knack for it you would say. Getting work here would be a breeze.

We found Kodo preaching some nonsense about his ideals about how he could use the money for all, and by overthrowing the government there would be no need for making money, what a crock. But then again we were not paid to listen to some ideals we were paid to take him out that suited me fine, as long there was a good payday out of it.

Kalian transformed into a small cat to scout out the area, she had a knack for sensing ki better than a battle scouter we then followed on. He noticed us in an instant and I stared into his eyes he was going to die one way or another.

“Look at what your government has done! They have sent outsiders to take us all down because we are right and they are wrong”.

A few cries came from the crowd they were ready for battle, they were playing into our hands. Especially a Sayian like myself our race lives to fight.

Kalian transformed back to her normal self and got ready and so did Shubu and Argus. The Cartonians charged and so did we the battle was ferocious they were to strong for us and knocked us back. Kalian and Argus retreated and left us there I thought it was cowardess but it was something different, a full moon.

This was the first time I transformed it was a weird feeling being Oozaru it was like being covered in a red sheet of anger nothing was safe I destroyed everything in my path I was a crazed animal, I found out the true power of a Sayian.

As the moon subsided so did the transformation I became normal again and Kodo was cowering behind some rubble I put my hands down and summoned Ki into the palm of my hand I thrust it and shot out my new blast the the Sayian Vulcan Wave the blast blew right through him instantly.

Shubu put his hand on my shoulder “That’s enough Celeron time to collect our pay”

Shubu carried our body back to the collection point as I was tired from the energy blast and the transformation. After the job was done we were aboard our ship celebrating the job. My share was 200 not bad for a few days work. Suddenly a fleet blasted the ship it was from Cartonia. Is it the government or the rebel forces? either way it looks bad.

Argus gets hit bad his arm gets completely severed “Everyone to the escape pods”
I look at him “What about you Shubu?” I reply.
“Don’t argue with me, I’ll be fine” he shouted

Suddenly another explosion, took out Kalian. Argus put his hand on my shoulder.

“I can’t make it, you can you will, I will see you on the other side brother”

With tears in my eyes I climb into the pod and punch the controls it’s all random as to where I land. Argus is in the other one that gets blasted there is nothing but smoke and metal.

I cry myself to sleep, I have just lost my family the people I love, I will avenge them.

I crash land on this planet I don’t know it at all it is alien in nature there is nothing but a path to the south. This is where my journey really begins.