This is where you can submit stories about what happens to you in Planet Mado. See something cool? Save a whole town from being destroyed? Or did you destroy everyone in a whole town? Whatever you did, Contact Me and tell me your story, and we’ll post it on this page.

Brojen’s Story, by Brojen

Maverick, by Broli

Inferno, by Cloud

Mind Demons, by Cloud

Sabastian’s Story, by Cmaster17

Dark Round: Final Solution, by Cmaster17

Craney Ball Z, by Craney

The Saiyan Outcasts, by Dalun

The Black Dawn, by Dalun

Dash Rendar’s Adventure, by Dash Rendar

Awakening, by Doogan

Story of the Saiyans, Part 1, by Drakian

The Death of Enkidu’s Father, by Enkidu

Ja’aku’s Story, by Geognisis

A Saiyan Lost, by Geognisis

Grim’s Story, by Grim

The Saiyan, by Ichigo

Iyze’s Story, by Iyze

The Story of Kenji Relimi, by Kenji Relimi

Cross Epoch: A DBZ & One Piece Crossover of Epic Proportions, by Kerunou

Skating Life, by Larx

Maetrix’s Story, by Maetrix

Chronicles of The Spirit Walkers: Hope of The Dragon Lord, by Maetrix

Odin’s Story, by Me

Saiyan: 2nd Class The Story of Narcissis, by Narcissis

Nate’s Story, by Nate

The Adventures of Sandra Lockhart, Airship Captain; Part 1, by Oalka

Planet Mado, by Rager

Planet Mado Part 2, by RAGER

Jake’s Story, by Roku

Ravage, Saiyan of Wolves, by Roku

Teetering Hope, by Sennheizer

Smithi’s Story, by Smithi

Revenge Ain’t That Easy, by Smithi

Solaris’s Story, by Solaris