Unable to remember anything except training by himself,since he was ten, Sabastian lived a life of anger and hatred for people. Sabastian was 17 now but as soon as he was born,his father Dabura hated him,because he felt his son could never be as powerful as him,but tried to train him in his own image,he taught Sabastian every technique he knew,then taught him how to kill. Dabura and Sabastian went to different planets killiing anything they felt once Sabastian was 6. Sabastian didn’t like killing senselessly and he told his father that,Dabura was shocked and from then on disowned Sabastian and brutally assualted him and left him on the planet he was on,Earth.

Sabastian woke up from his brutal assault to find someone had taken his beaten body and nursed him back to full health. A man,Glido and his wife cynthia took him in and explained what what they did when they found his beaten body. Sabastian was in a coma for 4 years,they weren’t sure if he was gonna live or not,but they kept hope alive and sure enough Sabastian was alive and well. Sabastian was greatful ,so he told them man and wife his story and about his father and why he was beaten. The man and wife understood and they lived a normal life for a few weeks. Sabastian started training again and his new family ,treated him life their son. One day while Sabastian was trying ,two androids flew over his head and into the house where Glido and Cynthia were and killed them. Sabastian ran in to try to save them but it was too late,they were dead,the Androids then beat up Sabastian and dragged in body to a near by wasteland

Sabastian woke up to find himself,bloody and laying on many sharp objects. Sabastian was angry ,he remembered what the androids did to Glido and Cynthia,the only people who cared about him. The pain was to much to handle so he blocked out every memory he ever had of his life and decided to start over. He trained everyday since that day,ducking androids,so they wouldn’t find him. Sabastian had one goal in life now and that was to train until he was strong enough to kill any android or person that crossed his path. Sabastian killed a lot of humans on Earth,using pure strength and anger towards the world. To this day Sabastian has killed human,hid from androids and trained until he felt the time had to rise up from the Shadows and kills those androids. The time had finally come to unleash hell on the androids ,today, April 13, 2010 ,he had unlocked every demon power he had and it was time to avenge the people to kept him alive. Sabastian wasn’t sure if all his training was good enough or not,but he knew he had to try ,it was now or never!