Welcome to Planet Mado, the most unique online Dragonball Z RPG on the internet. Planet Mado was originally created in the year 2000 by Mado and Dast.

Currently the RPG is not running. Hopefully I’ll get it started up again some day, but it would be in the form of some kind of “real” game, either browser and/or phone based.

For now I’m just working on the website, and keeping some of the old content up on this site’s pages (like the Rule Book, Basic Techniques, etc.).


  • Planet Mado dbz rpg browser game code

    Browser Game Code

    I finally got around to hooking up an old portable hard drive in hopes of finding code I wrote almost […]

  • Planet Mado website updates

    Website Updates

    Working on the website, trying to make it look and function better. I’m pretty happy with how it looks and […]

  • old school controller

    Old School Goodness

    Some images/graphics from the old Planet Mado sites. They were mostly used for affiliate links.

  • Discourse logo

    Testing Discourse Integration

    Testing discourse and wordpress integration…