“Warrior Yajirobe makes a wish!”

Yajirobe greedily shouldered his sack and slinked away into his room in Korin’s tower. “One star..two star…ha ha! Oh yeah!” He laid down his burden and then tore into it. All seven dragonballs.

Mr. PoPo had done all the dirty work and all Yajirobe had to do was skulk over to Kami’s tower and swipe them all. He had made a switch when Kami asked for a bag of sensu beans. All Kami had now was a bag of beans. Yajirobe had a garden of beans and all seven dragonballs. Fair trade.

“Ha ha ha! Fair trade man! This is gonna be sweet!”

Yajirobe had been waiting and waiting and waiting and now the time had come. It was the hour to summon Shenron and make the greatest wish ever. A wish that would raise the corpulent, bumbling samurai to levels even Goku would never touch. Maybe even fight the Saiyans when they landed…Nah. Yajirobe had a plan inside of his plan. A plan dumpling if you will, with plan sauce.

Now that Korin was sleeping, all that was left was the wish. Yajirobe piled all of the softball-sized dragonballs in his cradled arms and made his way to the open terrace of Korin’s tower. The open sky was necessary for the summoning and Korin’s tower was undoubtedly the obvious choice, it was in fact where Yajirobe was at that present moment.
Walking across the tiled floor, Yajirobe had plotted out every point of his scheme; every little idiosyncrasy had fallen into place. Except Yajirobe had forgotten one tiny detail, the one hair in his plan sauce. Korin had made him clean and turtle wax the entire floor of the tower, every single tile sparkling.

As Yajirobe set the seven balls down, they began to glow in knowledge of each other, beckoning the ages old power within them. “Oh yeah baby! Here it comes! Here it comes!”

The wind kicked up. The sky roared in thunderous delight. The black curtain of night cast its ebony over the peaceful blue of daytime.

“Oh man. This is intense!” Yajirobe started backpedaling away from the dragonballs slowly, reaching his hands out to try to grab something stable. The altitude of the tower had amplified the force of the summoning ten-fold.
And as quickly as Yajirobe had ascended, he fell. Lighting struck Korin’s Tower and shook it violently, causing everything to slip. The seven star dragonball slid scuttlebutt off of the tower, its rolling speed exacerbated by the newly waxed floor.

Then as fast as thunderclap, it was all gone, pristine. Korin stirred in bed, scratching his nose.

“No! No No No!” Yajirobe crumpled down into himself. “Why do the dragonballs have to be so, so round and slippery and, uh, dragonbally?! Man this is bad, this is way bad! What am I gonna do? What am I gonna do?”

“PoPo?” Kami said, confused beyond all conception.

“Yes Kami?”

“I thought you said you gathered all seven dragonballs?”

“I did Kami. Why do you ask?”

“Why do we have six dragonballs and a rock?”