This stroy was written by Cloud.

The guards stared in horror as the Duugos ripped the skulls off of his two dead opponents and attached them to the shoulders of his ceremonial armor.

“Your skulls will be the next to adorn my armor, you filthy Nameks,” Inferno teased.

One of the three Namek guards lost his nerve and fled, vomiting all over himself as he ran.

He grinned at the remaining two, as he finished adjusting the skulls. “So you two won’t be joining your friend? Good.”

The Namekians stood on opposite sides of the psychotic Duugos. The one standing behind him turned on his blaster and set it to full power while the other stared on in horror.

“Are you certain you don’t want to join your friend, Namek?” Inferno asked the one standing in front of him as he slowly approached.

“Zent, we must protect the guild from this monster,” the Namek behind Inferno shouted to his companion.

The Duugos now stood only a meter in front of Zent, he knew he had to act soon. He quickly turned on his blaster and aimed at the Duugos face. A point blank shot should put the monster down. The blaster fired, but Inferno deftly dodged the shot with a quick spin to his left. During mid-spin, Inferno brought up his powerful tail and struck the poor Namek in the neck. The Namek fell to the ground, gasping for air that would not come. His windpipe had been severely crushed by the blow.

Inferno looked to the remaining Namek, a devilish grin plastered on his face. “Oh? Did I just kill your friend?” he asked innocently.

Gurgling noises came from the fallen Namek as blood began collecting in his lungs. Inferno looked down, surprised to see that the Namek was still alive.

“I don’t think he’s dead enough, Namek,” Inferno observed as he raised his tail for another strike.

The remaining Namek fired his Blaster at the Duugos, hitting him squarely in the chest.
Inferno laughed at the futility of it all. “Your weapon cannot hurt me, Namek. It’s a puny little thing, just like your friend.”

With that, the Duugos struck the fallen Namek in the chest repeatedly, causing the the Namek’s chest to cave in.

“Oh yes, now he’s quite dead,” Inferno laughed.

The Namek shouted in rage, his anger taking over his senses. He threw aside his blaster and unleashed his ki. Two bright beams exploded from his eyes and hit the evil Duugos squarely on the chest.

The force caused Inferno to stumble backwards, grimacing in pain.

“You’re dead, Namek,” he said through gritted teeth.

Inferno let out a roar of his own and charged at the defiant Namek. The Namek relentlessly shot the charging monster with repeating eye beams, but they no longer seemed to do any harm. The Duugos took every shot directly in the chest, but defiantly forced the pain away with a wall of anger as he headed toward the Namek.

“You’re mine!” he growled as his tail blasted into the Namek’s chest.

The Namek landed painfully several feet away in a broken heap, but that didn’t stop Inferno. He wrapped his tail around the Namek’s torso and picked him up, setting him at eye level. His two powerful hands clutched the sides of the Namek’s head.

He began pulling the Namek’s head right off of his shoulders. The Namek screamed in agony as the muscles in his neck stretched beyond their limits. The screaming ceased abruptly as the Namek blacked out from the pain, but Inferno didn’t stop. Only a moment later, a loud snap and a tearing sound cued the end of the Namek’s life.

“I told you your skulls would be mine,” the blood drenched Inferno laughed.