Jake’s Story

A young man around the age of Sixteen had been in High School on Earth, forced to learn and at the same time train to become a ‘Great Martial artists.’ His life was difficult and depressing he couldn’t make any friends as they couldn’t be around him at any other time than in School. He had nothing to do everyday except the same old thing. His Name; Jake. Jake had been walking around after grabbing his lunch for the day he decided to eat on the stands beside the Football field of the School. He had quickly devoured his food before getting up to walk his way back to School. As he was walking he noticed something in the corner of his eye. A guy beating up on this other guy, Jake yelled and rushed forward to try and defend the other kid only to be stopped. ‘Look what’s happening.’ Said a mysterious guy who was a senior in the school. Jake looked closer to notice it was a street fighting match and they were trying to toughen one of the kids up.

He became shocked at what was happening though after some talking had denied to join in this street fighting. He brushed it off and left as he passed he noticed a girl with beautiful brown hair and green eyes. She looked at him for a few seconds before they passed each other. Jake went off in a normal day until later when School was letting out he saw the girl once again. The two humans knew different lives and Jake knew of KI but wasn’t such a great Street fighter. They had talked for awhile before she asked him to come to a party later at her house. He had agreed foolishly not knowing of what was to come.

Later that night he did go to the party as he wandered around before noticing the Senior from before outside on the edge watching people do something on the beach. Jake took a closer look as it turned out to be Street fighting and people were doing it for fun. The Senior looked to him with a cocky smirk. ‘People do this here to let out anger towards each other. Come get a closer look.’ The Senior said leading him towards the circle. The two entered and Jake soon noticed he had been tricked into a fight. He couldn’t leave and had to do the fight fighting back or not. He refused to fight before being hit several times and getting a bit bloody. He stood back up in Anger and rushed forward in reckless attacks only to be easily beaten by the expert Senior. Jake was hurt and badly injured, sent to a hospital afterwards. Jake had recovered and first thing that he said was. ‘I need training..’ he had grabbed his Phone to find a text message about a date of a Street fighting tournament from the girl who he never even saw at the party. He believed he was tricked but wanted to beat the guy. Jake had trained for days, learning how to Street fight and the actual ways to do good hand to hand. Jake had joined the tournament but the one he wanted to face was disqualified before the match. Jake had withdrew himself and was on his way to leave in the parking lot. The finales no one cared about and followed the Senior out. The Senior yelled and rushed at Jake starting a fight outside in the parking lot. Car headlights were turned on and the finale match was now outside. Between Jake and the Senior. After a long fight, Jake had turned out to be victorious and had told the senior never to do it to anyone again or he would be back. To fight the Senior again and next time it wouldn’t end in a knockout. Jake continued High School normally but everyone seemed much nicer to him, it was easier to make friends and Jake wound up getting the girl.