The wind blew softly over the mountain and swirled down into the desert, stirring up the dust as it blew by two figures standing next to what appeared to be two bodies twisted into abnormal angles. The sun was just starting to sink below the mountains and cast long shadows from the two figures across the sand.
“Well, that was kind of fun,” said the smaller of the two looking down at the bent bodies. His tail twitched as he spoke and his spikey hair waved in the wind. He was a Saiyan to be sure.
“Yep, it was just too bad these android look-alikes were just as easy as your mother was last night” said the taller one, a Saiyan with brown spiky hair wearing a leather jacket over a dark-blue shirt that read Rambone. “Guess this just goes to prove that you can’t copy a Saiyan. We’re just too damn good-looking to let android-copies beat us.”
“You’d better stop talking about my mother, Dalun. My mother is a saint!” said the smaller one.
“I know, I treated her like a saint last night. No worries there DD,” responded Dalun with a wry smile.
As the two saiyans were joking back and forth a bright light appeared in the sky and what appeared to be a comet shot across the sky and appeared to strike the ground far to the east.
“What was that,” asked DD.
“Maybe some more fun for us,” responded Dalun. “Let’s go check it out. But first I think we’re going to need a scouter to help us.”
Dalun reached down and tore off the closer android’s head. Gears and wires snapped as the head was removed. “I think if we use the eye socket and some of the wires we can use fashion this head into a scouter.”

A bright Dodonpa beam sliced through the Namek’s arm causing purple blood to fly into the air.
“Ahhhhhh! My arm,” yelled AkuTenshi.
“Yes, your pitiful arm. Too bad I missed. I was aiming for your head,” replied the mayor of Sunnyville, an evil android who had just landed his spaceship moments ago.
“You’ll pay for this! Get over here,” yelled Aku as his one remaining arm shot out and grabbed the mayor by his leg. Aku’s arm retracted hurtling the mayor straight at Aku.
“Mouth cannon,” yelled Aku as a bright yellow light show out from his mouth and hit the mayor as he arrived in front of Aku.
Emerging unscarred from the blast, the mayor smiled and flew slightly above Aku. “My, my, my. That kind of tickled.” Laughing the mayor shot a beam of bluish light at Aku, slamming his body into the ground. As the mayor continued to laugh a human leapt at him and struck his back with two swords.
“Ah, that feels nice, but could you scratch a little lower,” taunted the mayor as he turned to the human. “Why Shiki, I don’t think you should play with toys this sharp, you might hurt yourself.” The mayor grabbed the swords from Shiki, destroying one in his hand and running Shiki threw with the other one. With Shiki dangling from the sword, the mayor tossed him to the ground.
“Hmm… it seems like you two aren’t terribly fun to play with.”
Aku pushed himself from the ground with his good arm. Beaten and bloody he muttered under his breath, “If only we had Dalun and DD, then we could beat this mayor for sure but without them we’re doomed.”
No sooner had he spoken then two bright lights were seen in the sky, one a dark green and the other a bright pink. As the lights got brighter Aku was able to see that it was Dalun (the green) and DD (the pink of course). The two Saiyans landed right next to Aku facing the mayor.
“Dalun and DD! Thank the Namekian gods, we’re saved! Dalun… what is that on your face,” asked Aku.
On Dalun’s face was a bunch of wiring and an eyeball hanging from what appeared to be half of an android’s face.
“Yeah, this scouter sucks. Maybe if I was a human I could have fashioned something that would have worked better.” Dalun tore off the mask and incinerated it in his hand.
“Well, it looks like you need some help. We saw this ship land and decided we’d investigate. Looks like this is the evil android boss we’ve heard so much about. Why don’t you take it easy and leave it to us” said DD.
“I don’t think you two will find it so easy to beat me, I am a SUPER android!” The mayor laughed maniacally.
“Alright DD, you know what to do,” said Dalun as he squared off against the android.
“Roger that,” said DD as he charged the mayor.
“You’ll have to do better than that,” said the mayor as he threw a punch at DD’s face.
Right before the punch landed DD became indistinct and then reappeared on the other side of the mayor. “Wha- after-image!?” yelled the mayor as DD kicked the Mayor in the face sending him hurtling towards Dalun.
“Yeah, we’re cool like that,” said Dalun as he slammed his fist into the mayor’s face sending him hurtling into the sky.
DD burst from the ground with his ki burning all around him with its pinkish hue. He flew up and began battling the mayor, trading blows back and forth. Bright beams of light were seen from the ground, flashing into the night sky.
“Dalun, aren’t you going to help him” asked Aku.
“Of course, I’m going to let him have his fun and then finish this.”
“How are you going to do that?”
“Like this,” replied Dalun. He held his hands in front of his chest palms out and a greenish ball began to glow. Dalun turned the ball towards his body and yelled, “Asugara!” and hit his own body with the ball. Green energy began to race along his body with bolts of green lightning shooting around him. A green fire began to race along his body while his eyes had turned pure green. “Guess I’ll see you later Aku, here’s two sensus to help you and Shiki out.”
Dalun tossed two sensus to Aku and then blasted off into the sky towards the mayor. “Wow. Dalun’s so cool. I wish I could be as cool as him but I doubt I’ll ever have the powerlevel even close to him,” said Aku as he rushed to save Shiki.
The mayor and DD continued to battle epically. Thunderous booms accompanied each of their blows.
“DD, let me take on this guy,” said Dalun as he flew up next to DD, his body glowing with the green ki racing along it.
“He’s all yours Dalun.”
“You think this is some game, try this on for size,” screamed the mayor as two red beams of energy flashed out of his eyes straight for Dalun. They passed through Dalun’s chest as his body became indistinct and he disappeared. “Where’d he go,” snarled the mayor.
“Right behind you,” replied Dalun as he materialized behind the mayor.
“You son of a bitch! You can’t win with these tricks,” yelled the mayor as he began to throw punches and kicks at Dalun. Easily raising his fists to intercept each blow, Dalun let the mayor wear himself out for a few seconds before beginning to rain blows upon the mayor.
“You’re just too fast, how can you do that,” asked the mayor while being pummeled.
“Well, I can’t do it for too long so let’s end this,” replied Dalun. He punched the mayor once in the stomach so hard the mayor had to bend over. Dalun then raised his arms over his head and smashed them down into the mayor’s back sending him hurtling towards the earth. The green fire raced along Dalun and then flashed brightly as he began to fly towards the mayor. As the mayor turned around to look up, Dalun crashed into him and pushed him all the way towards the earth, slamming on top of him while the mayor hit the earth. All the green energy raced from around Dalun down into his hands into a large green blast. The energy tore away at the mayor until there was nothing left but a large crater in the ground.
Dalun walked out from the crater in the ground and met DD who had just flown down.
“Well that was a little more fun than the clones,” said DD.
“Yeah but it was still too easy. Let’s find a real challenge,” replied Dalun.
“Alright sounds good. Only problem is you didn’t leave his head, how are we going to find someone with a strong power level?”
“Well the whole android head into a scouter trick didn’t work so well last time. I’m sure we’ll figure out a way.”
Stay tuned next time for the continuing adventures of Dark Defender and Dalun, the Saiyan Outcasts…