Mind Demons

This stroy was written by Cloud.

“Are you ready?” the eight foot tall Mind Demon asked.

“Yes,” answered the smaller one.

The two imposing combatants, both over six and a half feet tall, stood opposite from each other in the Gym. The smaller one gingerly tested his wings and movements, as if he didn’t recognize his own body. He slid a clawed hand over the smooth, natural armored plating encasing his body. Next he touched the sharp spikes jutting from his elbows, and the ivory horns above his brow. It all seemed so new to him, but he’d have to learn how to use it for this battle.

The other Mind Demons crowded around the area, waiting for the scene to erupt into violence. The smaller Demon, Chris, had to prove himself to the rest of the Pack if he wanted access to the gym.

The Pack, Defenders by name, eagerly awaited the death of this new Demon Chris who had set up the challenge. Ngaath had been the one to answer first. With his signature bo staff in hand, he entered the ring, ready to teach this incompetent fool his lesson.

“Remember this lesson in humility well, new one,” teased Ngaath as he bared his fangs menacingly.

Chris bowed respectfully as he began to power up his energy. Ngaath mimicked the gesture and let his own energy loose. A dark hued ki danced around the two combatants and grew at an alarming pace. There would be no turning back for Chris now.

They charged at each other at dizzying speeds, claws and fangs bared, and ki flowing wildly around them. Several meters before crashing into his opponent, Ngaath beat his leathery wings and reversed his momentum. Palms pointed at Chris, he gathered his dark energy into a powerful blast.

Chris knew the deadly blast was too close to stop with his own energy; instead he beat his newly formed wings furiously, lifting himself up off the ring and high into the air. He made a narrow escape as the blast left a wave of destruction beneath him.

The larger warrior breathed heavily. Tossing power around like that was very tough on the body.

He let loose shriek of agony as a ki beam exploded onto his face. His body was flung backwards by the forced of the blow, landing painfully several feet away. Ngaath shook away the tiny dots of bright light from his vision and growled as the dark energy from the blast enveloped his body, preventing all attempts to counter with a blast of his own.

“You’re a tricky one,” Ngaath shouted to the winged figure floating near the Gyms ceiling.

Chris stopped beating his wings and let himself float slowly down to the ring.

“Do you give up yet?” he asked Ngaath.

“Ha! I’ve only just begun!” The large Mind Demon rushed at his opponent, his bow staff leading the way. He brought his bo staff up, connecting beneath Chris’s chin, then quickly followed it up with a roundhouse sweep to the legs.

Rolling out of the way of the following attacks, Chris tried to stand before the next combination found him. Unfortunately, he wasn’t quick enough. The Bo Staff connected once, twice, three times to his mid-section, followed it up with a crushing blow to the forehead.

Chris stumbled to his knees as his legs have out beneath him. Standing above him, Ngaath grasped his Bo Staff by one end with both hands and raised it high above his head.

“I believe this has ended,” Ngaath said arrogantly. “Do you have any last words?”

The fallen warrior stared into the eyes of his triumphant opponent. He opened his mouth to speak, but instead of words, a bright red beam rose from the deepest reaches of his throat and crashed into Ngaath’s chest.

Rising to his feet, Chris stared at the body crumpled against the gym wall. His usual chivalrous attitude gave way to unimaginable anger. His powerful legs launched him into the air and straight into the crumpled body, fangs and claws leading the way. He slashed relentlessly into Ngaath’s natural armor, searching for the soft flesh underneath. Ngaath’s own claws batted futilely at his opponent, his body didn’t have the strength to fight off his opponent. His armor gave way and Chris ripped into unprotected flesh. Blood sprayed both warriors, drenching them in crimson.

Suddenly, Chris stopped himself, realizing what the primal rage was forcing him to do. He looked at his blood covered claws with a look of horror. He stood up, looking into his opponents dull eyes, and quietly asked him, “Do you give up?”

“This battle is over,” a booming voice answered. The largest Mind Demon in the room had stepped forward to end the battle. “The newcomer wins. He is now worthy of our group.”

Chris let out a sigh of relief and looked back at his defeated enemy, reaching out a hand. “Here, I’ll help you up.”

“I’ll get up on my own,” Ngaath snarled. He smacked Chris’s hand away and stood up. At first, his legs wobbled beneath him. He steadied himself and pushed past Chris, leaving the Gym.

“Ass,” muttered Chris.