My name is Odin and I eave in a faraway planet of warriors. We replaced the saiyans and now we are the strongest warriors in the universe. We sell planets and leave them devoid of life. All my life I have been training until I could get the chance to destroy a planet. That day is today.

Compared with my other brethren I am quite strong. We have strong techniques that we always use when conquering planets. We are in a spaceship that can hold 6 people plus a training room just in case we get bored. I’m here with my squadron who are Bob, Steel, Loki, Jack, Andrew. We are about to land in the pitiful planet called Xardon. The planet will soon feel are wrath!

We land in the middle of a city and people start whispering and crowding around us in a language we did not understand. “This is going to be fun,” I said to my teammates and then charged up for a ki blast and threw it at the people in front of me. We kicked, punched and used ki blasts. There were some powerful fighters but soon they were dead. As i looked at the city I smelled the stench of death and blood. And I loved it. I looked at the city which now had no life and blew it up. There were more weaklings on this planet and we didn’t want to keep them waiting.

The whole Universe shall feel our wrath! I thought as we created more death and destruction around the planet. Something got a lucky shot because I felt pain in the middle of my shoulder blades. I looked behind me and saw that a thing had shot me a ki blast. I glared at him with murder in my eyes and then I flew at him and punched him in the stomach. I could feel the bones crunching as my hand went through his his stomach. My hand came out on his back and as I pulled my arm back I saw blood on my arm. Some blood had gone next to my mouth and I licked it and loved the metallic taste of it. I laughed as I saw everyone die before me. “Nothing can stop me in this pitiful planet. I will destroy every planet I see!”