Planet Mado

“RAGER, dont forget to sharpen all 96 of your horns before you go out an play” Said my mother, Entai, the bringing of the great flame to the southern continent. “They’re already sharp enough to kill a duugos!” I replied.

My mother was always worried about me because this planet is under constant war. Planet Mado was once filled with beautiful valcano continents, many of which have been completly destroyed. There was once a continent Lavitiania, the only continent that didnt fit our normal landscape of fire and magma. This place was mainly green with an array of other colors. That was until my mother burned it down. She said she had her reasons. That she hated tourism and that the other races could lead to our downfall. I knew that our race would never have a ‘downfall’, I think she did it cause she was bored. She longed for action, just like my father, Gen’Gore the Great, Was always in. He was in a special task fore to take what ever we needed back here and if he had to, he’d destroy the planet just to get what he wanted.

Just as I was heading out to play a messenger came to the door. In order to recieve the message you either have to pay him, or do battle and defeat him. My mother Entai came flying ot of no where with a firey kick making contact with the unexpecting delivery guy. “Damn you woman, You must annouce fight or payment First!” said the delivery man
After a short battle, the delivery man with now 2 borken kneecaps gives us the message. “Gen’Gore the Great has fallen in battle. His last words was ‘a great suffering is heading to Mado Leave at once!’ ” I’ll never forget to look on her face. If someone like him could be defeated it could very well be the end of this planet!

My mother wasted no time in getting me off the planet. Her last words to me “I want you to live many adventures. Dont come back here till you are better then your father was.” She stayed behind to help the elites defend the planet. It was the last I seen of her.

Many years Later I returned to Planet Mado. It was several times smaller then before. Large chunks of the planet were missing. Many were dead, including my mother, but we survived the great sufffering. After seeing my home planet worse looking then it already was, i decided to rebuild it. The task was nearly impossible and required a lot of funds. So once again I left Planet Mado to amass a fortune in what ever means necessary!