Jaurenlo’s story isn’t a rather simple one. Being raised in a scientist’s home will do that to you. Not just any scientists, but the household of the Misoro’s. Jaurenlo’s parents were some of the smartest on the planet. Many thought they were the brains behind some of Capsule Corp’s major experiments in capsule tech.

Their son was the pride and joy. After a relatively safe birth, they were once again ecstatic when his innate IQ tests were scaled off the charts. It was obvious that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

Being smart and with parents who lived relatively well, his early life was filled with fun and adventure. He was always a socialite and an athlete. He jumped into Martial Arts as a youth, and proceeded to be somewhat of a natural at it. He also, with his parent’s permission, jumped into the world of guns.

His intent wasn’t to kill however, he always simply marveled at the constitution of such a weapon. When broken down, a gun isn’t just point and click anymore, it was a symphony of parts working together to create the atmosphere. He slowly began to take apart pistols and put them together.

Lovely life, until his parents were mysteriously gone. At first they thought they were kidnapped, and the police sent their best people on it. However, with no body, no ransom note, and only pictures of them tied together, Jaurenlo was sure they had died.

With them gone, Jaurenlo spent more time inside of his books. He looked into knowledge to make him happy. That was his drug. So, he avoided going to college and retreated into the mountains. He took his favorite pistol,that is inscribed Proeliator difficultas, 200 credits, and his gym clothes. Once he got to the top of the mountain, everything went blank, and he awoke on a weird planet. Now his adventure begins.