Alone, confused, eager, determined, focused, and slightly enraged. Maetrix grew up with only his father never knowing what the concept of the word “mother” meant. Always sneaking around in his early years watching his fathers every move (whether good or bad). His father would never want him around due to his violent nature when out of the home. A legend on the homeworld of Namek, Maetrix’s father Bloudex (Bl-oo-dex), was a fierce fighter. Rising as the champion in nearly every tournament and duel he participated in. As the years went by and Maetrix found himself trying to be more like the man that rejected him he always knew he had to be ready for a greater purpose in life. While meditating he would have strange visions of buildings being crushed and humans , yes humans, being tortured. Maetrix thought these visions were odd seeing as how he’d never seen but only heard of “humans”.

As the teenage years began to fade and his father began to grow Maetrix began working small bounty’s that he could easily fullfill to gather enough funds to travel away from his homeworld. On the eve of the seventh moon an orange aura filled the sky. Maetrix was just finishing a simple bounty when he saw a large group of Nameks flying past him torwards his home. He sensed something was terribly wrong! Dropping everything he had with him, he took a moment to pause, Meditate, and ZOOM! Off in there direction he went.

As Maetrix streaked across the open plains of Namek he approached the edge of the mountain where he house lay. Smoke and ash arose from the brief distance. There was nothing left. Bloudex, no where in sight, nearly half of what he had been saving gone.

Years went by as he trained & searched for what had happened. No one knew anything and nothing was ever said.

Many sponsors attempted to lure Maetrix in to there camps to fight in tournaments, as everyone saw how quick minded, ferociously strong, and was hiding a deep rage behind his secretive-ness.

Always keeping to himself unless spoken to, you could find Maetrix in a few select spots often daily, with his cloak on and his hood over his head, meditating and still trying to understand his visions. Also knowing everyone knew him and if one day those who took what he had were to return they and everyone else would know where to find him.

“Or must i go and find what i am looking for now?……”