The Rei clan are one of the high Duugo families, once Kings an age ago, now soldiers in Freeza’s employ. They boasted the ability to tier their powerlevel like regular Duugo’s without changing physical forms, basically keeping the same form for life. Reiku was the son of the clan, a warrior from birth. He was placed in a small elite squad to learn his trade from a young age. His power slowly grew, as did his ranking in King Cold’s forces. Prior to Prince Fasa of the Saiyan Elite’s placement into the Ginyu Force, the pair were bodyguards to the King. Freeza did most of the groundwork and needed ultra fighters like Zarbon and the Ginyu by his side, King Cold preferred to have a retinue that included more majesty than power.

The young Duugo, nor his Saiyan partner were slackers and trained heavily whenever a chance presented itself. Reiku had a deep respect for Prince Fasa, and the other Saiyans. Once news reached him of Freeza’s betrayal, the shock was soon replaced with a feeling of loss. A waste, he thought. Prince Freeza was supposedly all powerful, yet he choose to destroy his second most powerful followers, behind the Duugo’s themselves, rare as they may be.

Prince Fasa had lost his space to Guldo in the Ginyu Force, despite King Cold’s recommendation of his young charge. Reiku instead started to form his own retinue, the Reiku elite as they were called consisted of Reiku himself, a pair of aliens not disimilar to Cui, a child, a half-saiyan (a mixture of a near-human race Raditz bred with), and a Namek of all creatures. The team didn’t work like the Ginyu, they were too weak. They were sent to worlds where Elite warriors were needed to calm rebellions, and to force conquered species into King Cold’s army, or destroy them.

During one mission, the team were facing certain defeat when the world itself started to rumble and then everything went blank, Reiku then awoke far away.