The powerful energy blast was coming right at me, I couldn’t move I was paralyzed at the power of his energy blast.Suddenly the powerful energy blast had hit me.I was sent flying 5 metres away my eyesight was losing I was dieing… I tried getting up with all that I had in me.I got up but fell down on to my knees straight away blood was dripping from my mouth.Xyns walked to me,Xyns was a Saiya-jin his plans were to destroy all of the Tuffles I was the only Saiya-jin against him.”You shouldn’t have been against us” Xyns said with a smirk.I looked up at Xyns then he punched me right in the face I was knocked unconscious.

Then I saw my hand i saw the mark it was a X.The mark meant that my family never gives up not for any reason ever.Every family member has to keep a promise it is to never lose the family name.Then I fell into a flashback I saw my Dad Xynder he was telling me the promise when I was a baby.He said “Keep a promise please son whatever you do, do not lose our family name because…We are justice!” Then I fell into another flashback I saw a strange lady and a toddler who looked like Xyns.There was my dad “Xsiris please don’t leave me!” said my dad then he said “Xyns you love me right?” then Xsiris walked away with Xyns.I was shocked my dad was on the ground crying thinking of what he had done.

Then I went into another flashback and there was my father “You have dissapointed me son…” A sudden rush of anger filled my body.I opened my eyes I could feel all of the anger in my eyes.My eyes suddenly turned yellow I got up with ease my power level was increasing rapidly. I was growing a golden aura the earth began to rumble as if an earthquake was to hit, sparks of electricity were forming around me.My hair was golden I saw Xyns and a few Kanassa-Jins. “Xyns your my brother!” “I guess the Kanassa-Jins has the ability to look back in time as well” Then he killed the Kanassa-Jins easily.”Did you know about Xynthia?”Xyns asked “Xynthia?”I asked “She’s our sister… dad killed her…” “Huh??? Why?” “One night there was a full moon and everyone was told not to look at the moon,but Xynthia looked at it.

“She turned Oozaru and legend told if there was a monkey and a wolf in the vicinity of the transformation the transformer would become Oozaru permanently.We happen to have a pet monkey named Babble but Planet Vegeta didn’t have any wolves on it. or so they thought so.A loud howl filled the Saiya-Jins with terror Xynthia went on a rampage and the wolf and Babble turned Oozaru.The 3 giant weremonkeys were on a rampage they killed 12 Saiyan-Jins and 21 Tuffles. Dad had to kill her and the other two,he charged up a spirit bomb many people were injured for giving to much power.In the end dad killed Xynthia and the wolf that turned to Oozaru but Babble got away.”

Then the ground started rumbling “Huh?? what is this?”I said A loud shriek filled the air. “Heh here’s my chance.”Xyns said all of a sudden Oozaru appeared, Xyns charged up and energy blast and he hit it at me I only just missed.”What was that for?” “With Babble I can destroy all the Tuffles!” We both charged a Kamehameha then his power level was increasing at a super fast rate it’s it in the 10 thousands now 100 thousands at the end it stopped at 1 million I almost fainted because of the extreme power level.He fired his Kamehameha… The powerful Kamehameha was coming right at me!
Xyns (===========)               ME
Xyns (================)      ME
Xyns (===================)ME
Planet Vegeta                                               Planet Namek
O==============================> ME O

I awaken in a burnt out crater having no memories of how I got here maybe I was forced here or maybe I left of my own accord.The only only thing I do know is this definitely isn’t Vegeta. To the south of you there is a forest of alien looking trees.