Zero, was created on the “new” planet Vegeta by Dr. Armodi. After doing years of research and collecting data from previous androids that were created by Dr. Gero, Dr. Armodi decided to try to create something even more powerful. An android that could transform into a Super Saiyan. Plans for the creation of codename “Android 0” or “Zero” began with a saiyan volunteer for this monumental experiment. The volunteer, which arrived at Dr. Armodi’s facility the next day was none other than his only son Ishfack. Ishfack was a mid-rank saiyan soldier that was looking to make the Armodi name proud and someday be accepted as a Saiyan elite. Hearing about his father’s work, and current project is what made Ishfack decide to volunteer. If this was a success not only would he be an elite, but he knew the name Armodi would never be forgotten, and go down in history as a great story that would be remembered for generations. Just like the great King Vegeta’s name was.

After having talked for hours on end, and having a final conversation as a full blood saiyan with his father, Ishfack gave the go to start the process whenever Dr. Armodi was ready. The procedure began shortly after, and lasted several days. The goal was to create an Android that could reach “Perfect form”, and have the ability to transform into a “Super Saiyan”. Everything went according to formula according to Dr. Armodi’s calculations, and it would be a matter of time before the universe would witness the first transformation known as “Perfect Super Saiyan”. Dr. Armodi also made sure to permanently remove Ishfack’s tail, for if he were to ever transform into an Oorazu he would be destroyed. After what seemed to be an endless amount of time Dr. Armodi finally finished the experiment, and saw the birth of his son for the second time…

When Ishfack awakened he was immediately transported to one of the Saiyan Elite training facilities for examination and further training where he would be closely observed by some of the Elites finest, and they trained him to harness his powers. After months of observing, and training they rejected the test due to no improvement whatsoever or signs of a possible transformation. Dr. Armodi insisted that his experiment…his son, was given more time, but unfortunately the council refused more time as far too much time and money had been wasted in there eyes.

After finding out the news and being labeled a failure, Ishfack went into a blind uncontrollable rage, destroying everything in sight. After killing what seemed to be dozens of saiyan soldiers Ishfack was finally “turned off” by a precautionary device installed by his father. Dr. Armodi tried to explain this mishap as potential, and that the experiment should be given more time. However, in the end Ishfack was ordered to be executed for the murders of many saiyan soldiers. Dr. Armodi then did what he must to protect his only son. “Retaliation”

With great haste the doctor made a few adjustments to his son. First wiping his memory free so he would never be seen on Planet Vegeta again, and secondly removing the precautionary device that was once installed. After completion, Dr. Armodi placed his son in a Saiyan space pod and set the course for a place to start anew…Earth. Dr. Armodi was killed by the commanding ranks shortly after the launch for disobeying orders, and several search teams were launched in the general direction of the lone space pod, but had no clue it’s destination. To this day they still search for Ishfack.

Arriving on planet Earth Ishfack woke up, and set his eyes on a place that looked familiar, but he had no clue where he was, or who he was, or why he just climbed out of a small round pod. A computerized voice then came from the pod breaking the silence as it said, “Zero, there are many things you do not know, but will learn to accept. You will have to find your own path now Zero. If you get into trouble you will know what to do, after all it is in your blood Z…eer.. The pod then closed, shot into the sky, and exploded. “Zero…my name maybe? I can’t remember…” Clueless to what happened Ishfack, or as of now Zero starts his journey to find answers.