Awaken Solaris. You are my creation, my scourge of destruction. You shall traverse this planet and lay waste to all of those who stand before you. The weak, the strong, and the proud…remember them, they will drop to their knees and beg for their lives. You will not be so merciful. Destroy all those who oppose you and leave no quarter. Use your judgement to cleanse the land of the unworthy and unwelcome filth this world has to offer. Leave no rock unturned and not a soul to speak of it…then move on to the next planet of your choosing. Good luck and farewell, you are my most malevolent creation. Make me proud…

These are the words of a mad scientist that fill my thoughts on a daily basis. Not only do they fuel my hate and loathing of the pitiful human race, but the other foolish races as well. I can’t help but hear him every damn day. Dr. Gero must have known what he was doing with me by not being around during my departure into this life of oil, metal, and flesh. He may have given me objectives, but upon arriving on earth on that ship, there must have been a rough landing. I make my own choices, murder and pillage on my own terms, but I still hear his monotonous tone repeating like a broken record every day that I wake. If one thing could make a man, or android, go mad…it’s some old bastard speaking the same damn speech every morning.

I had a choice once. I could have become a good man instead of an evil android. Everyone has that choice at first, but once you taste the flesh of a human and hear the screams of the young woman you are torturing for enjoyment…you truly realize what you are. Gero either did a very good job of making sure I turned out this way, or I have just fallen so far to the point where recordings and objectives no longer spark my circuits. I can only hope that there is a possible satisfaction for myself. I would hate to find out that after I have destroyed the universe that there is no gain for me whatsoever. But then again…why serve in Heaven when you can rule in Hell…

I open my eyes to what seems to be another day in a dreamland full of flesh and blood. This planet, previously filled with human life and luxury, is now an urban wasteland of a race that is relatively new to the universe. I despise them. They believe that by their will alone they can live amongst beasts, demons, and machines. Well they were wrong. Look at their homestead now. Tattered by the war machine we call life. Their very existence lay rotten and smoldering beneath my feet.

Oh wait, one approaches…this should be enlightening. “Sir,” shouts a weak, frail man looking up to me, “please…my family is dying.” “Our house was destroyed by a band of devils and duugos, but you seem like a fighter that could help us.” Please sir.” I can’t help but vomit a little fluid into the back of my throat at the bold plead this pitiful man has brought forth. I contemplate actually helping him out for my own benefit, but I think I have a better plan. “Which way to your house?” The man replies, “It’s just over that hill to the north.” I nod in recognition and drive my fist through his chest, causing an explosion of flesh, blood, and bone to erupt from where the thoracic vertebrae of his spine used to exist. The look on his face was priceless as the life started to dwindle from his eyes. Before his departure unto the next world, I wispered a promise into his ear. “Don’t worry friend, I’ll take good care of your family,” as I grinned with delight, knowing he could do nothing but imagine the horrible events that would occur as his helpless body lay lifeless in the dust.

As I reach the house, I notice that I seemed to have showed up just in time. The duugo and 2 devils were just approaching the woman and her son. He couldn’t have been but 5 years old, but at least he put up more of a fight to defend his mother. If he’d have known how cowardly his father was…hmph. Yet, I fly down and rip the devils in two, severing their bodies right down the middle by prying my fingers into their skull and ripping downward. The massive avulsion, spraying blood every which way, must have frightened the poor little duugo. He began running away…nothing a molten beam of energy couldn’t fix. His body ignited instantly and he burned alive as he ran, screaming in tumultuous agony.

As I turned towards the rest of a broken family, I noticed the child showed trust when the mother showed an overwhelming fear. “You have a very brave son,” I spoke as the little tike approached me with many thanks. “He has much more strength than your husband could have ever dreamed of.” At this point, both of them knew what happened to him. The boy struggled to fight me as I tied his mother down. “You let her go you big bully,” he said as he continuously pummled my limbs with a lead pipe. A swift backhand left him motionless on the ground, still alive…but immobile for the time being. “As I mentioned, brave…but still lacking in the intelligence department.” “The good news is, your last dying moments, you’ll get to watch your son being tortured to death,” I proclaim with a devilsh glare while finishing a secure knot. “Time to wake up little buddy, the shows about to begin.” Unsheathing my sword, I slowly push the blade through his fingers and toes…working my way towards the trunk of the body. Lacerating tissue and bone, amputating limb from limb. The mother could barely watch, so I took the liberty of assiting her by removing her eyelids. Filled with a false sense of glee I insist, “Now mam, I wouldn’t want you to miss the best part.” I rip the beating heart of her child out of his chest, tossing it at her feet. In a jestuous tone I say, “At least the boy had heart!”

I made time for the woman. She didn’t say much after that due to the blood laden eyes and ruined vocal chords from all the screaming and crying, but I had my way with her. I never understood why humans enjoyed sex or rape so much. It just doesn’t seem ‘that’ enjoyable to receive the vast amounts of disease these filthy, meatbags consist of. After raping her to the point of death, I figured there was nothing left to defile here. I guess its time to move on to the next area of interest. Maybe I can perfect toying with human emotions there, or at least find myself a good opponent. Then I would at least feel greater enjoyment for the genocide I commit against the humans. Maybe I’ll start incorporating devils and duugos into the mix as well…only problem is their women aren’t nearly as appealing.